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Welcome to the Scarborough Hash House Harriers website

scarborough hash house harriers event outside the rugby club

The Scarborough Hash House Harriers meet every Monday at 7pm from a different venue, usually a pub, and occasional Sunday's from the Alma Inn (hash HQ) at 11.00am.

We are a non-competitive running club catering for all abilities. We lay our trails with plenty of false trails, long/short splits and sometimes beer stops and regroups, It isn't a race, it's about having fun.

Hashing is a semi-athletic, drinking, social-club based on the old English schoolboy's game of 'Hare & Hounds'. It started in Malaysia back in 1938, and has spread around the world as a form of exercise with the unique aspect of allowing the opportunity to vent frustration (running), provide entertainment (drinking beer), release energy (running) and socialize with others (drinking beer). Running is loosely used to mean running, jogging, walking or even crawling and is sometimes secondary to the social aspects of Hashing.

You can Hash at any level of fitness and at any age, although good attitude, personality, thirst, humour and a sharp wit are important attributes. We've been called a 'drinking Club with a running problem' and so if you have half a mind that's all you need. All you need is a pair of old running shoes and a spare set of clothing. There is no discrimination, be it sex, age or anything else and nobody gets left behind.

How do I join?

Just turn up, say hello, and enjoy yourself. THe first hash is free, and after that subs are £1 per run with noan annual fee or commitment.

And no, we don't do drugs. Sorry if that was what you where looking for.

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