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Skegness trip

Posted 26/11/09

We now have 20 keen Scarborough hashers who are interested in the 70s weekend trip to Butlins at Skegness, 5th to 8th November 2010. The next step is to secure our booking for 40 giving us two free places to share with the Herts/Beds hashers.

20 places each, sharing one free place for each hash group.

You need to confirm your place as soon as possible by paying your deposit.

Each person will pay a total of £161- 75 (and it could be a little less if we share out a 2 place discount on the 40 deposits).

Our booking price will be held but any later bookings could be slightly higher when the VAT goes up in January.

We will have three nights with Dinner, Bed and breakfast included.

I have booked ten apartments, each has one room with one double bed and two rooms with twin beds. There is also one bathroom and a kitchen. They are designed to sleep six but we will be able to put four people in each without paying under-occupancy penalties.

This is great as we are still getting the Gold Accommodation for the original price quoted and we won't be too cramped or waiting for the bathroom.

We will all be eating in the Yacht Club restaurant.

We can now easily accommodate our single guests who would each be able to have their own room within an apartment.

Other couples or friends are happy to share a double or twin room anyway.

We can add to our booking later in the year subject to availability.

All deposits of £25 Cheque or Cash must be paid by Sunday 29th November at the very latest in order to secure your place.

We do need to book 40 places initially. Cheques to be made payable to BUTLINS SKYLINE LIMITED

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