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Statistics for hash number 2118

Date: 13/12/2009
On On: York Red Dress
On Inn: OnIn
Total hashers: 43
Total downdowns: 13


Name   Hare? Down-downs
Blobby (Adrian Ewart)    
Clueless (YH3) ( )    
Dingbat (Digby Dinsdale)    
Doughnut Slut (Emma Grady)  
Fish Flaps (Sue Kendall) Yes 
Flossie (YH3) (Carol Harper)    
Gazza (Mary Alderton)    
How Much (Jo Elwick)    
Leprechaun (Leo McGory)    
Lockerbie (Dave Locking)    
Mistress (Cindy Gibson)    
Monkey Hanger (Beverley Armstrong)    
My Little Pony (Grahame Mutch)    
Pampers (Garry Mills)    
Paparazzi (Roz Morgan)  
Piston Broke (Alan Alderton)    
Shag the Pony (Chris Aveyard)    
Uncle Fester (Ken Gibson)    

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